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How can you integrate remote workers?

In two years, the hiring process has changed dramatically and many workers have been remotely integrated into their new companies. Welcoming a new employee can be a challenge, as it is now necessary to rework the arrival protocols and the tools used so that they meet the support needs of remote work. As an employer, you must facilitate the smooth integration of your employee, thus putting retention at the top of your priorities.
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Accountants, how can you improve your service offer?

The world is changing rapidly and so are some professions. That is why you may have to question and re-examine your service offer. Are you an accountant and want to learn about how you can offer more to your clients? Here are a few tips to help you understand the new reality of your profession and better position yourself against the competition.
9 min. 

Digital transformation: How can you use it?

The digital shift was already on our minds before the pandemic, but because of the crisis, business transformation became an urgent need overnight. As an entrepreneur, do you wish to pursue the changes initiated and build on the lessons learned? Discover how to use the digital shift to your advantage.
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How can I manage telework stress?

Are your employees stressed and would you like to help them? This article helps you to better understand stress and discover concrete solutions to put in place so that your team can once again benefit from the advantages of teleworking.
The restaurant business : How to increase revenue
9 min. 

The restaurant business: How can I increase my revenue?

Have you had enough of reading alarming articles sounding the death knell on restaurants? So have we! The pandemic could be a great catalyst of change for an industry that was lagging behind when it comes to diversifying its sources of income. Discover some tricks for launching product delivery or distribution.