Deductions to Recover

Recover your deductions

Automate your deduction recovery process and eliminate manual calculations.

This module allows you to continuously calculate deductions such as: contributions to pension plan, contributions to group insurance, contributions to social clubs, etc.

This module will allow you to:

  • Automate the accumulation of deductions that where not taken during an employee’s absence;
  • Configure how these amounts are recovered for each concerned employee;
  • Schedule deductions within a set timeframe;
  • Schedule deductions according to a set amount;
  • Configure more than one automatic deduction recovery;
  • Enter a calculation start date;
  • Easily access deduction information through detailed, user_friendly screens;
  • Perform follow_ups by generating a report of non_taken deductions per employee, including year-to-date;
  • Facilitate tax slips preparation.

This add-on can be free in addition to the Group Insurance add-on. Get informed! Request a free demo.

Schedule deductions recovery

Automate deduction recovery and retrieve them at your convenience.

Facilitate tax slip preparation

Know which deductions to recover and be aware of during preparation of your tax slips. Be proactive!

Configure the deduction

Perform follow-ups by generating a report of non-taken deductions per employee, including year-to-date.


To learn more about Deductions to Recover solution, download the brochure.