A payroll for contractors

We provide a comprehensive service tailored to construction sector requirements.

Be compliant with industry requirements

We handle payroll processing for CCQ-regulated companies. We produce CCQ and CSST reports. We also calculate employee benefits, residential contributions, and automate rate changes. Don’t worry, you will comply with regulations.

Manage and process your employee payroll

We handle complete calculation of salaries at each pay period, we also handle the calculation and payment, in your name, of government remittances (DAS), produce employee pay slips, handle direct deposits, and much more. As you can see, payroll holds no secrets for us.

Control the costs for each project

We assign labour costs for each of your projects so you can control your liquid assets and easily analyze your cost per project. Simplify your management.

98% satisfied customers

  • Gaston Boulet, VP finance at Loracon Construction
    Gaston Boulet VP, FinancesLoracon Construction inc.

    « I appreciate the respect for regulations in the construction field. There are never any mistakes! »

  • Jean-Philippe Ménard
    Jean-Philippe Ménard PresidentRessorts d’auto Ménard Inc.

    « Something that seems this complex can easily be simplified when experts are in charge of it! »

  • Robert Guay
    Robert Guay OwnerInnovadent

    « I chose Nethris for the range of services offered and the simplicity of the process. With you, it is the guarantee of a worry-free, polite, thorough and efficient service. »

Practical Features

  • Periodic reports

    Receive accurate payroll reports that include all CCQ and CSST requirements.

  • Banks management

    Manage your most current banks of absences: vacation, holiday, sick leave, etc.

  • Year-end

    Receive year-end slips (T4 and RL-1) and the federal year-end summary.

  • Pay all work trades

    Prepare payroll for all CCQ trades, workers without agreements, and regular trades.

  • Direct deposit

    Transfer electronic funds directly into your employee accounts.

  • Telephone or software

    Choose our services via telephone or through our software solution.

  • Inactive and absent employees

    Easily manage employee returns, leaves, and absences, once you call the CCQ.

  • Employment record

    Issue records of employment (ROE) according to your schedule and transmit them directly to Service Canada.*

  • Vacation pay

    Pay your employee non-CCQ hours in compliance with collective agreements when they leave for vacation.

Let's work together

Payroll calculation and processing in the construction industry hold no secrets for us.