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What is included?

  • Periodic payroll processing.
  • Payment of government remittances in your name.
  • Production of payroll reports for each period.
  • Production of electronic pay slips.
  • Payment of your employees by electronic transfer (direct deposit).
  • Transmission of your data via a secured Web site available at all times.
  • Year-end processing including the production of tax slips (T4 and RL-1) and of the federal summary.
  • Unlimited and free access to our customer service center.
  • Self-service access for your employees.
  • Access to our mobile app Payroll by Nethris.

Questions and answers

Contact a payroll expert today by dialing 1-888-404-6305

Can I subscribe to your services without filling out a quote on your website?

Yes. Call us at 1-888-404-6305: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET).

How will I pay the periodic service fees?

Each pay period, we will withdraw the fees directly from your bank account (it can be different from the account your payroll is debited from). Along with your basic set of reports, you will receive a statement indicating the fees to be debited from your account.

Will I really save time?

Of course! You will significantly reduce the amount of time spent on your payroll management and compliance. With us, you will avoid penalties and risks. Do the math and see for yourself, you will save time and money!

How much do your payroll services cost for small businesses?

The fees are based on the number of employees paid each pay period and on the basic fees. Our fees are less than what it would cost you to manage your payroll internally.

Will my financial institution charge me extra transaction and direct deposit fees?

No. Since we produce the cheques and handle fund transfers, you will not be charged any extra fees by your financial institution.

Will I have to pay for your solution updates?

No. You will always have our latest version, at no extra charge.

Is the price indicated in the payroll simulator accurate?

The price includes:

  • Basic fees
  • Unit price per employee paid
  • Self-service
  • Payment by direct deposit
  • Production of pay slips
  • Payment of government remittances
  • Year-end tax slips production

You can add or remove options according to your needs and the price will adjust accordingly.

Benefit from our expertise

The complexities of payroll management hold no secret for us.