Affordable solutions to make your job easier

Pay your employees, create work schedules and record tips more efficiently so that you can concentrate on what is truly important: customer satisfaction.

Payroll management

Trust us with the calculation of your net wages. We pay your employees on time, provide them with online pay slips, and remit source deductions to government agencies in your name.

Employee scheduling

In the restaurant and hotel business, planning work schedules is a complex task because employees are needed in specific positions to cover day and evening shifts. To make it easier, we are offering an intuitive scheduling calendar that displays employee expertise, seniority and availability.

Integration with Maitre'D

We prepare the payroll from punch data saved on your point-of-sale terminal. Furthermore, the tips distributed to your waiters and cooks are not only recorded on their pay slips but also on their tax slips.

Practical Features

  • Government remittances

    Eliminate the risk of incurring costly late penalties and entrust us with the remittance of your source deductions to the government agencies.

  • Year-end period

    Free yourself of tax slips and federal summary preparation. Allow your employees to view their T4 and RL-1 slips on their computer or mobile application.

  • Time banks management

    Manage time banks with ease: vacation, statutory holidays, sickness, etc. Attendance calendars allow you to view employee attendance at a glance.

  • Payroll reports

    For each pay period, receive precise reports that help you manage your restaurant or hotel more efficiently, such as the payroll record or the agency remittances report.

  • Records of employment

    Produce records of employment when necessary and transmit them electronically to Service Canada.

  • Unlimited assistance

    Our experts are there to help you. They are available to answer all your questions, whether they concern payroll legislation or how to use our solution.

  • Deposit of wages

    Apportion the deposit of employee wages in up to three different Canadian bank accounts, regardless of the financial institution.

  • Pay simulator

    Simulate the pay after salary changes. Obtain the net amount as well as the earnings and deductions details in a few clicks.

  • Dashboard

    Customize your solution's home page. Wage expenses, number of hours paid and the turnover rate can be presented in graphic form.

Let's work together

We have mastered the art of payroll and scheduling management for the restaurant and hotel industry. Take advantage of our expertise!