Labour shortage
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Labour shortage: How can you make a difference?

Small, medium and large companies are all affected by the labour shortage that has hit Canada and Quebec in recent years. No sector of activity has been spared from this new reality: construction, services, agriculture and even the hospitality industry are all affected by the shortage of personnel and the difficulty of hiring.
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What is a payroll service provider?

Many options are available for processing your payroll. However, some have more advantages than others. With data showing that a majority of Canadian workers would struggle to meet their financial obligations if their pay were delayed, choosing the best payroll management method is critical. Did you know you could entrust this task to a payroll professional?
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How to decipher a pay slip

Although we are used to seeing and receiving pay slips, they remain difficult to understand. Recent studies have shown that many workers in Canada have a hard time deciphering their pay slips. If you can relate to this situation, this article will help you better understand your pay slips so that you never have this problem again.
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How to choose your payroll service provider

According to a 2020 survey conducted by the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA), 43% of employees in Canada admit that they live pay cheque to pay cheque. This means that payroll is a very important expense for your business and one of your main concerns. Given the complex nature of payroll management, you could benefit from entrusting this task to an expert in the field. Choosing to work with a payroll service provider is also choosing to save time and have access to the continuous support of a trusted partner. Discover the four elements of a strong and lasting business relationship.
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Compensation and remittances: what do I need to know?

Payroll is such a complex field that it is normal not to have all the answers to your questions. Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, you are responsible for payroll and government remittances management. To help you, our experts have compiled a list of the four most frequently asked questions. Whether your SME is in business or soon to be, our answers will help you to better understand it all.