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Hiring and terminating: what are my responsibilities toward an employee?

As an employer, you have many responsibilities, notably toward your employees. And from the day you hire an individual to the termination of their employment, you have to respect government established legislation. Our experts have put together pertinent information and various resources to help you navigate the process successfully.
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What is the most advantageous payroll frequency for my business?

To manage employee wages effectively, you must first set up an annual payroll calendar that complies with minimum provincial labour standards as well as your company’s needs. Take advantage of our help to do so.You will find legislative remuneration requirements and a few tips on how to choose the compensation period that best suits your business strategy.
Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: What do I need to know?
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Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: What do I need to know?

What basic subsidy amounts would you be entitled to? Are your new employees eligible? What about additional coverage? We questioned a professional accountant; consult his expert advice for a clearer picture.