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Save time spent calculating worked hours and planning schedules.

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Payroll processing

At your signal, payroll transactions are automatically generated from the data entered using a punch system or digital timesheets.

Timesheet approval

Is there just not enough time to ensure a careful monitoring of worked hours? Delegate to your managers the approval of timesheets filled out by your employees or generated by a punch system.

Time clocks

Thanks to our time clocks, your employees can clock in and out using a biometric fingerprint, a key fob, a code, or an access card.

Management rules

Define rules for managing overtime, bonuses and time tracking that automatically apply to wage calculations. These rules may vary according to each category of employees.

Hour types

Create various categories of hours (vacation, sick leave, training, etc.) according to your needs or your projects. Your employees indicate on their timesheets the number of hours for each type.

Absence requests

You have a hard time managing your employees’ multiple absence requests? Have them submit their requests via their self-service access. The ones you approve are automatically saved in their timesheets.


All timesheets completed by your employees or automatically generated by a punch system are kept for an indefinite period. If needed, you may view hours entered in previous weeks.

Also available with the PRO edition


Employee schedulingPRO

To simplify employee shift attribution, each one’s position, skills, seniority, and availabilities are displayed on the schedule template

Shift exchangePRO

If something unexpected comes up, your employees can exchange shifts with colleagues directly on the mobile app. No more time wasted managing absence requests. Simply approve the exchange.

Posting of work schedulePRO

Each team member instantaneously receives a notification on their mobile once the schedules are ready. All will appreciate being able to view them promptly, at any time, on their mobile app.


Is managing the ever-changing availabilities of your personnel giving you headache? Our solution allows your team members to update their availabilities at any time, according to their schedule. No more calls and endless email exchanges.

Advanced punch systemPRO

Your employees can punch in and out via a time clock or a mobile punch system using their mobile phone with GPS location identification.

Labour costsPRO

Employee salaries are also indicated so that you can take remuneration expenses into account when scheduling. The weekly total appears as you assign work shifts.

Professional chatPRO

You wish to communicate more effectively with your employees? Send announcements to your teams and centralize communications with instant messaging via the mobile app or the Web. Activate notifications and let no discussions slip through the cracks.

Data analysisPRO

Keep an eye on your business’s time data with key indicators that tell you how your organization is performing. Get a broad or detailed overview of your employees’ data, allowing you to build a realistic picture of what is happening in your organization.

Choose digital timesheets

Allow your employees to enter their worked hours on timesheets available on their computer or cell phone. With one click, you can validate them online to automatically process the payroll.

Implement a punch system

Your employees can clock in and out on a time clock or on their cell phones using a punch system with geolocation.

Plan work schedules quickly

Save time by viewing at a glance, in a digital calendar, your workforce requirements and staff availabilities for each shift of the week.


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