Time Management

Nethris makes your time management easier

Save time spent calculating worked hours and planning schedules.

Payroll Processing

At your signal, payroll transactions are automatically generated from the data entered using punches or digital timesheets.

Timesheet Approval

Running out of time to ensure a careful monitoring of worked hours? Delegate the approval of timesheets produced by your employees or generated by a punch to your managers.

Time Clocks

With our devices, your employees can punch in and out using their biometric fingerprint, a key ring, a code or an access card. Our touch screen time clock takes their photo as they punch, so you can confirm their identity afterwards.

Management Rules

Define rules for managing overtime, bonuses and time tracking that automatically apply to wage calculations. These rules may vary according to each category of employees.

Hour Types

Create various categories of hours (vacation, sick leave, training, etc.) according to your needs or your projects. Your employees indicate on their timesheets the number of hours they made for each type.

Absence Requests

Do you have a hard time managing your employees’ multiple absence requests? Have them submit their requests via their self-service access. The ones you approve are automatically saved in their timesheets.


All timesheets completed by your employees or automatically generated by our punch tools are kept for an indefinite period. If needed, you may view hours entered in previous weeks.


Managing the changing availability of your staff is a real headache? Allow your team members to update their availability at any time, according to their schedule. No more endless phone calls and email exchanges.

Work Schedule Planning

To make it easy for you to assign work shifts to your employees, the position, skills, seniority and availability of each person are displayed in the planning calendar.

Labour Costs

The wages of each employee are also indicated so that you can plan your schedules by taking into account your compensation expenses. The total for each week is displayed as you schedule shifts.

Schedule Publication

Every member of your team instantly receives a notification on their cell phone when schedules are ready. Everybody will be happy to be able to consult them quickly, at any time, on their mobile application.

Switching Schedules

In case of unforeseen circumstances, your employees can switch their work shift with their colleagues directly on their mobile application. Waste no more time managing absence requests. All you need to do is approve the replacements.

* Some features are offered in partnership with Emprez.

Choose digital timesheets

Allow your employees to enter their worked hours on timesheets available on their computer or cell phone. With one click, you can validate the sheets online to automatically process the payroll.

Implement a punch system

Allow your employees to punch on a time clock installed in your business or on their cell phone, if they are on the go. You will know if they are indeed at their workplace thanks to geolocation.

Plan work schedules quickly

Save time by seeing at a glance, in a digital calendar, your workforce requirements and the availability of your staff for each shift of the week.

Nethris® time clock

Discover the Nethris® time clock

This affordable and easy-to-use device enables your employees to punch in and out. Read the descriptive sheet to learn more about our tool that allows you to calculate the hours worked accurately.



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