Report Generator

Nethris helps you create your own reports!

Produce, save, analyze, and share customized reports based on real-time data for your small business.

Report templates design

The Report Generator lets you design your own report templates in a few easy steps. Each template can then be used to issue a report. How practical is that?

Sharing and security

Each report template you create can be shared with other users, as needed. The templates can then be modified or used as is, depending on the security level set for each.

View or export

All of your employee data can be viewed or extracted in a variety of formats (Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Excel or Text).

Real-time data

Since the data is accessible in real time, all your reports will accurately reflect your human resources. This will simplify your decision-making process and enable you to quickly answer questions about your personnel.

Automated report production
Plan the production of reports according to the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) and set up an email confirmation advising you when a report is issued.

Issue customized reports

Quickly generate your own report templates. Design simple templates based on your needs. You can also automate their production!

Optimize your decision-making

Generate reports that provide an accurate picture based on real-time data. Facilitate your decision-making process.

Safely share reports

Share report templates with other users. Change or add users according to the security level they are assigned.


To learn more about Report Generator solution, download the brochure.