Group Insurance

Nethris helps you manage your group insurance options

View all contributions and details, automate the premiums based on the changes. Save time and avoid manual errors.

Automatic calculation of premiums

Automate all group insurance calculations. Save time and money by eliminating manual modifications!

Policy details

View all your policy information (coverage, allocation groups, etc.) in a single location. This way, you can easily answer your employees’ questions.

Coverage changes

Change your employees’ coverage through a screen page in their employee file. Our system then automates the premiums based on these changes.

Pay slips

Display your employees’ coverage information on their pay slips. This option enables them to verify that their coverage reflects their situation.

Modify and view coverage

Quickly modify the group insurance coverage in your employees files. Add the complete details of your employees to their pay slips.

Automate the calculation of premiums

Automate all group insurance calculations. Save time by eliminating manual modifications and calculation errors.

Quickly answer questions

Easily refer to allocation groups, premiums, deductions, and details of premiums to be paid. Optimize your time!


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Pro Time Management Solution


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