Employee Requests Management

Respond to their requests promptly

Approve your employee requests with one click. Save time and make your employees happy.


Are you overworked? Delegate the management of your employees’ requests to a member of your team. Free yourself from this time-consuming administrative task.


Your employees can add a note detailing the nature of their requests. You can also comment your approval or refusal.

Team Calendar

View in an intuitive table the absence requests pending approval and those that have been approved. At a glance, you will see the conflicting requests and the regular attendance of each employee, which eases the decision-making process.


Allow only part of your team to make requests. You are the master of your solution. Manage access based on the reality of your business.


Requests from your team are kept for months after their creation so you can view them for verification purposes at any time.

Meet their needs more easily

Authorize your employees to submit
their requests on our web and mobile
applications. You will be notified when a
request is submitted so you can respond
promptly. It is possible to delegate this
task to a manager.

Manage requests of all kinds

Absence requests, equipment loans or insurance plan modifications: Adapt the solution to your business needs by configuring the type of requests that your employees are authorized to make.

Simplify payroll processing

When you approve an absence request, it is automatically saved to payroll transactions or to the employee's timesheet. The wages to be paid are calculated accordingly and the vacation bank is updated.


To learn more about Employee Requests Management solution, download the brochure.