Celebrating the new tech business season

October 10th, 2019

For the province’s entrepreneurs, September means the end of summer vacation and getting back to regular activities. A happy month it is. In a festive mood, over 400 leaders from technology fields gathered together in downtown Montreal on September 16th to celebrate the arrival of fall colours. A few members of the Nethris team took part in a happy hour organized by the Quebec Technology Association at the 1909 Taverne Moderne resto-bar.

Our marketing coordinator, Sebastiaan Van Ineveld was one of them. The Nethris editorial team asked him a few questions so that he could share his experience with us.

AQT Season Kick-off - Montreal

© Quebec Technology Association

Sebastiaan, how did your evening go?
Sebastiaan: I had a wonderful evening. Everything was enjoyable: an inviting venue, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, discussions revolving around each one’s activities and new developments, and the presence of business owners, CEOs, technical directors, sales managers and exhibitors, all pleased to see each other. Not to mention beer, large glasses of wine and mini-burgers!

Guests lingered to watch the hockey game airing on the sports bar’s screens. The Canadiens won 4-2 against the New Jersey Devils. We were a happy crowd!

How would you describe the event in one or two words?
Sebastiaan: Rallying effect.

Why does Nethris take part in the Season Kick-off Cocktail?
Sebastiaan: Because we want to get closer to the technology entrepreneurs of Quebec. It is an innovative and growing industry, which develops tools to improve the daily lives of consumers and accelerate business activities.

We have a strong attachment to this industry, to which we contribute with our cloud solution for payroll and employee management. The Season Kick-off Cocktail is the perfect opportunity to meet our counterparts. We can speak with them about our common passion and ambitions. We share the same language.

A gathering of this kind shows the importance of the people behind the technology, and we are pleased to take part in it. Ideas and solutions come from reflections, exchanges and collaborations between individuals seeking to address specific needs.

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