Stratégies PME 2021: Expertise in support of entrepreneurs

November 26th, 2021

On November 17 and 18, 2021, the 9th edition of Stratégies PME made a highly anticipated in-person return, bringing together, as it does every year, several experts and speakers to answer questions from thousands of entrepreneurs and help them accelerate the growth of their business. Of course, Nethris attended the event and reached out in order to help find solutions to their problems. In the wake of the pandemic, entrepreneurs need advice and support, now more than ever, to resume their activities and stay ahead of the competition.

Hundred of experts in counseling and strategic services, cybersecurity or human resources support, were ready to welcome and provide guidance to visitors. The event hosted many sectors of activity under one roof, often centered on the post-pandemic needs of our SMEs.

Nethris was there
We were looking forward to meeting you once again and indeed many of you showed up at booth 620 to ask questions. Our specialists were pleased to share their expertise in payroll and employee management by presenting the numerous functionalities of Nethris’ solutions, designed to simplify your work through the automation of the payment of wages and the efficient management of work schedules. To thank you, we conducted a draw that allowed two individuals to win a beautiful suitcase with the Nethris colors. Congratulations to the winners!

We participate in such events several times a year, and cordially invite you to visit us at upcoming ones. We hope to see you soon!

One of the winners of our luxury suitcase. Even while on vacation, you can always count on our payroll and employee management solutions!