A fast and comprehensive online payroll

Benefit from payroll services tailored to your needs that have proven their reliability.

Payment of employees

We calculate gross-to-net salaries, pay employees in your name by cheque or direct deposit, and produce online pay slips.

Government remittances

We calculate deductions at source (DAS) and transfer remittances to various federal and provincial government agencies in your name. Yes! Administrative hassles and penalties are over!

Year-End period

We prepare all the documents and data you need for year-end processing, including tax slips (T4 and Relevé 1) and federal summaries.

Affordable Payroll Service for SMBs

Starting as low as...


per pay period

(5 employees - 26 periods)

Complete services, including Self-service access for your employees.

Why not opt for telephone payroll?

Dedicated paymaster

Simply provide us your employees’ worked hours and you’re done! Close to 35% of our clients use our Telephone Payroll. We contact them every pay period and at their convenience.

Features for all your needs

  • Payroll reports

    Each period, receive accurate payroll reports that will help you manage your payroll.

  • Time bank management

    Easily manage the most frequent absence banks: vacation, statutory holidays, sick leaves, etc.

  • Dashboard

    Easily view certain critical elements in a dashboard.

  • Preview

    Verify every transaction. Eliminate the risk of error by previewing the results.

  • Records of employment

    Issue records of employment (ROEs) at your convenience and send them directly to Service Canada.

  • Payroll simulator

    View the net amount and breakdown of earnings and deductions in a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Importing

    You can import payroll transactions using Microsoft® Excel or Maitre‘D® files, or even an electronic time clock.

  • Support payments

    Payroll deductions, for a garnishment or support payments, and fund transfers to agencies are done worry-free.

  • Useful wizards

    Wizards can assist you in creating employee files and issuing records of employment.

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate with your bookkeeper or accountant by granting them access rights.

  • Online archiving

    Payroll reports are archived for a seven-year period, in accordance with federal regulations.

  • Employee accesses

    Grant your employees access so they can view their pay stubs online.

  • Automatic updates

    Our system complies with existing legislations in payroll management and human resources.

  • No more paper

    Your payroll results, reports, and stubs are issued in PDF and can be viewed online.

  • Quick and easy

    Benefit from a user-friendly payroll cycle and spend less time preparing your employee payroll.

Our priorities: Security and Confidentiality

With Nethris, your data are hosted in our state-of-the-art infrastructures in Canada. All data transfers are encrypted using the same online security protocol as Canadian financial institutions. All Nethris activities and processes are ISO 9001-certified.

Always available

Online and on your mobile

View your pay slips, verify your payroll processing summaries, and stay informed with real-time notifications. Our expertise at your fingertips!

Benefit from our expertise

The complexities of payroll management hold no secret for us.