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Looking back on the 2021 year-end

March 31, 2022
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The year-end, a period that is both extremely busy and stressful, is coming to an end. Once again, Nethris accompanied its clients throughout the process of finalizing this crucial step, including the production of income tax slips and year-end reports.

While our client base continues to grow the deadlines remain unchanged, so all our teams work relentlessly to ensure a hassle-free year-end for entrepreneurs. This year alone, we produced 17,591 summaries and 627,925 income tax slips on their behalf.

Once again, Nethris clients received continuous support through our year-end webinars that 552 participants attended. These training sessions are the ideal moment to ask questions and gain familiarity with all the steps required for a successful year-end period. These information sessions allowed our clients to understand the different steps involved in the year-end process in a difficult context with numerous government measures.

On December 13th, we also published  an article to help them initiate the year-end process with confidence and peace of mind.

New in 2021: A dedicated User Help section

A brand new Year-end User Help section was integrated into the Nethris Internet Suite. This intuitive space regroups all the necessary tools and resources allowing for a seamless execution of the various year-end activities. This new section is where Nethris clients can find guides, activity books, video tutorials, frequently asked questions and a verification list.

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