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Using Technology to Solve Labour Shortage

By Alexandra Duchaine,

81% of SMEs have a hard time recruiting employees, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). In Quebec alone, there are 140,000 jobs to fill. How can we attract and retain employees? This is a major challenge for entrepreneurs, especially since the labour shortage is not about to run out of steam.

During his conference at Montreal Convention Centre, Sebastiaan Van Ineveld, Nethris Marketing Manager, mentioned to the several executives attending his conference that “business owners should look to technology to deal with the lack of workers”. The conference was organized as part of the annual Stratégies PME event held at the end of November, which hosts over 450 experts and 130 guest speakers.

Tools to Attract Employees
To stand out in this current job market crisis, employers should nowadays provide jobseekers with the best experience. They must not only offer a stimulating place to work, diverse learning opportunities, and interesting benefits and activities, but also (and more importantly!) web and mobile tools to facilitate tasks and interactions. Sebastiaan emphasized that “Workplace tech solutions are a way to increase employee and manager satisfaction”.

Imagine that a film production company hires you. Upon signing your contract, you are provided login credentials for your employee portal. Within the portal, you find everything you need for your integration: a list of documents to complete, an explanation of company values, training videos, a welcome message, etc. As soon as you start, you have access to work essential applications for internal communications, project management, real-time feedback, timesheets, pay stubs, etc. With a myriad of platforms to simplify daily tasks, your job is always pleasant. Why would you want to work anywhere else?

A needle in a haystack
There are hundreds of available solutions on the market. “Your objective is to find the one that suits you best and meets your needs”, Sebastiaan mentioned during his conference. He also presented a buying guide for employee management solutions and gave the advice to “not just focus on dollars and cents. According to Capterra, an American web site that documents and evaluates useful software for businesses, 62% of SMEs will end up changing their HR tools because they chose the cheapest vendor, without considering their proper needs”.

At the end of the presentation, business owners were invited to visit the Nethris booth to continue the conversation of this hot topic and learn more about the employee management and payroll solutions Nethris offers.

About our speaker
Passionate about technology trends, Sebastiaan Van Ineveld helps Canadian businesses discover solutions to facilitate employee and payroll management. Sebastiaan has over 12 years of experience in human resources, marketing, and communications management for technological and chemical industries, professional and recruitment services. His research, dedicated to branding and sustainability, was conducted as part of a Master’s in International Marketing Communications at The Hague University (Netherlands). It earned him the prize for best Master’s thesis and allowed him to develop a thorough understanding of the business reality.



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A very special invitation

By Alexandra Duchaine,

At Nethris, we are always looking for new ways to thank our clients for using our payroll and employee management solutions. In November, we offered our clients tickets to the Stratégies PME event, which took place at Montreal Convention Centre. Seventy entrepreneurs were thus able to enhance their management skills by attending conferences or visiting presenters’ booths. They were also invited to our VIP section where our time management expert, Thomas Bensa, provided tips and tricks on how to optimize schedule planning and management.

Coffee, croissants, and smoothies were offered in the intimate setting of our VIP section, where Thomas presented Nethris features that facilitate the creation, modification, and display of schedules, as well as time sheets and punch tools, which simplify the calculation of hours worked. Our product directors and representatives were also there to answer questions from business owners.

Several times each year, we invite our clients to come and see us at special events or at our offices. Are we going to get the chance to meet you soon?

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Another exposition for Nethris!

By Alexandra Duchaine,

The Better Business Expo reunites Canada’s largest providers of business solutions. Nethris’s comprehensive employee and payroll management technologies meet the needs of more than 16,000 SMEs throughout the country. It is therefore not surprising that we have participated in the most recent editions of this event, which took place this fall in Toronto and Ajax, in Ontario.

While visiting our kiosks, many entrepreneurs discovered the Nethris Internet Suite’s many different features and were able to benefit from our expert advice on how to simplify their work.

If you also wish to learn more about or web and mobile solutions, you can refer to


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Nethris, friend of accountants

By Alexandra Duchaine,

Payroll is complex, even for accounting professionals. At Nethris, one of our missions is to help accountants and bookkeepers to stay on top of the latest legislative changes and best practices related to payroll. That is why we participate in IPBC Ignite, an annual event that brings together number impassioned Canadians from across the country.

Organized by the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, the event offers multiple conferences and a trade show. The latest edition, which brought together close to 500 experts, took place at the Hilton Lac-Leamy hotel in Gatineau, from September 18 to 20, 2019. At the Nethris booth, our representatives were ready to network, to provide advice and to present our General Ledger Interface solution, which automates accounting entries related to payroll.

The next IPBC Ignite event will take place in Victoria, British Columbia, during the last week of September 2020. For more information, click here. See you next year!

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Nethris employees unite for payroll

By Alexandra Duchaine,

On a daily basis, the Nethris employees strive to help employers pay their personnel on the expected date. This essential task is crucial to the financial health of the Canadian workforce, as half of the workers say that they could not meet their obligations if their pay was delayed for a few days. The National Payroll Week, held every year at the beginning of September, celebrates the continued efforts of experts throughout the country.

National Payroll Week- Nethris

Several Nethris members put on their best disguise. © SR Photographie

Our business participated enthusiastically in the festivities by organizing various activities with a 70’s theme, in our Ahuntsic-Cartierville offices in Montreal. The objective was to call to mind the journey of our payroll specialists since the foundation of Nethris some 45 years ago. Each employee was invited to wear brown bell-bottom pants, an orange shirt with psychedelic patterns or unusually large glasses to express, in American hippy fashion, their desire to unite for payroll. Popcorn, cotton candy and gifts were offered to all of our employees.

At Nethris, we believe that it is important to take the time to highlight the essential work of payroll professionals. Hence, we sponsor, year after year, the various conferences and networking activities organized by the Canadian Payroll Association during the National Payroll Week.

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Nethris solidifies its partnership with Mintz Global Screening

By Alexandra Duchaine,

Did you know about Nethris’s Pre-employment Service solution, which allows Canadian employers to conduct background checks regarding judicial records, employment history, education, and credit files for the candidates they wish to hire?

These verification services are provided by Mintz Global Screening. We are offering them to our clients at preferential rates. We recently renegotiated our partnership agreement to speed up and simplify your background check requests.

By virtue of this new agreement, our clients can now benefit from:

  • A business portal allowing them to submit a background check request in a few clicks;
  • A dedicated specialist assigned to their account, who has a comprehensive knowledge of the status of their various requests;
  • A bilingual hotline from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

There are countless news reports of large organizations that fall victim to sensitive data theft by malevolent employees. That is why we encourage all entrepreneurs to remain vigilant and hire candidates with exemplary behaviour.

For more information, visit or call one of our specialists at 1-888-404-6305.

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Celebrating the new tech business season

By Alexandra Duchaine,

For the province’s entrepreneurs, September means the end of summer vacation and getting back to regular activities. A happy month it is. In a festive mood, over 400 leaders from technology fields gathered together in downtown Montreal on September 16th to celebrate the arrival of fall colours. A few members of the Nethris team took part in a happy hour organized by the Quebec Technology Association at the 1909 Taverne Moderne resto-bar.

Our marketing coordinator, Sebastiaan Van Ineveld was one of them. The Nethris editorial team asked him a few questions so that he could share his experience with us.

AQT Season Kick-off - Montreal

© Quebec Technology Association

Sebastiaan, how did your evening go?
Sebastiaan: I had a wonderful evening. Everything was enjoyable: an inviting venue, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, discussions revolving around each one’s activities and new developments, and the presence of business owners, CEOs, technical directors, sales managers and exhibitors, all pleased to see each other. Not to mention beer, large glasses of wine and mini-burgers!

Guests lingered to watch the hockey game airing on the sports bar’s screens. The Canadiens won 4-2 against the New Jersey Devils. We were a happy crowd!

How would you describe the event in one or two words?
Sebastiaan: Rallying effect.

Why does Nethris take part in the Season Kick-off Cocktail?
Sebastiaan: Because we want to get closer to the technology entrepreneurs of Quebec. It is an innovative and growing industry, which develops tools to improve the daily lives of consumers and accelerate business activities.

We have a strong attachment to this industry, to which we contribute with our cloud solution for payroll and employee management. The Season Kick-off Cocktail is the perfect opportunity to meet our counterparts. We can speak with them about our common passion and ambitions. We share the same language.

A gathering of this kind shows the importance of the people behind the technology, and we are pleased to take part in it. Ideas and solutions come from reflections, exchanges and collaborations between individuals seeking to address specific needs.

To find out about our upcoming events, click here.

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Nethris launches a new solution to effectively manage employee requests

By Alexandra Duchaine,

Every day, we work hard to develop tools to make life easier for business owners. This is a mission we hold dear and therefore, we are proud to offer our new Employee Requests Management solution. As the name suggests, it helps business owners to meet the needs of their team members, more easily and more efficiently.

Are you the head of a company? Our solution will help you:

1-Respond to employee requests in one click

Your employees can use the Nethris Internet Suite or the Payroll by Nethris™ mobile application to submit their requests. You will be notified when a request is submitted, so you can respond quickly, wherever you are.

2-Facilitate payroll management

When you approve an absence request, it is automatically registered in the employee’s payroll transactions or timesheet. Their salary is calculated accordingly and their vacation bank is updated.

3-Manage all types of requests

Absence requests, equipment loans, or insurance plan modifications: adapt the solution to your business needs by configuring the type of requests that your employees are authorized to make.

Do you think our Employee Requests Management could be useful to you? Visit or call
1-888-404-6305 and ask one of our experts for more information.

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Proudly secure: Nethris is ISO 27001 certified

By Alexandra Duchaine,

It is official and attested by the independent audit firm IntertekTM: Nethris complies with the ISO 27001 international information security management standard.

What does this mean?

It means peace of mind for our clients. Their personal information and that of their employees is secure, because every aspect of our company is managed in a way that respects the privacy of their sensitive data, including:

  • Our assets;
  • Our communication systems;
  • Our suppliers;
  • Information systems development, maintenance, and operating processes;
  • Emergency plans and processes, etc.

Protecting our client’s information is of vital importance to us. To learn more about the security measures implemented at Nethris, click here.

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Nethris meets up with other payroll professionals at the annual CPA conference

By Alexandra Duchaine,

The 37th annual conference and tradeshow of the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) was held in mid-June. As Nethris is a Silver sponsor for the event, some of our experts travelled to Edmonton to present our payroll and employee management solutions.

“It’s the biggest payroll industry tradeshow in Canada” stated Alain Dupuis, Major Accounts Director at Nethris, who was in attendance. “This is a unique event that brings together players at the national level, which is why we participate every year.”

It is therefore not surprising that this renowned tradeshow was a crowd-pleaser again this year. Over 900 professionals from across the country visited the booths of participating companies. In the packed exhibition hall of the Edmonton Convention Center, the atmosphere was one of networking and celebration.

Canadian rock singer Colin James performed for attendees under the conference’s theme of Payroll Rocks!, a title that reflects the dynamism of the payroll sector, which is undergoing a major transformation due to increasing employee expectations and legislative and technological changes. A three-course dinner was also served.

Participants were able to choose from 50 conferences on tax laws, labour standards, and effective management strategies.

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