Nethris now connects with QuickBooks Online

March 19th, 2020

In addition to its payroll services, Nethris offers SME owners various technologies to simplify time-consuming management tasks, such as bookkeeping.

Our General Ledger Interface solution provides our clients with a payroll accounting entries report, which they can import to their accounting software after each payroll processing. This tool is compatible with Sage50MD, AcombaMD, AvantageMD, DynabecMD, YardiMD and many others.

Our teams worked hard to add QuickBooksMD Online to this list. They have created an effective and user-friendly transfer interface, which is available since March 12, 2020.

Simply put, this is how it works: Our clients connect to the Nethris Internet Suite to request payroll data transfer to their QuickBooks Online account. From there, everything is automated. The amounts are distributed to their respective general ledger accounts, no import needed.

Another advantage: The changes made to the QuickBooks chart of accounts are saved simultaneously in the Nethris Internet Suite. The two solutions are synchronized!

Learn more about the General Ledger Interface.