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Nethris Time Management solution: two editions to suit your needs

August 17, 2021
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Our Time Management solution is now available in two editions, Basic and Pro. Choose from a variety of functionalities designed to suit your needs.

The Basic edition

Save time calculating worked hours with the Time Management solution’s Basic edition which allows you to:

  • Generate payroll transactions from punch systems or digital timesheets filled out by your employees;
  • Define rules for managing overtime hours and premiums;
  • Create various categories of hours (vacation, sick leave, training, etc.);
  • Manage absences;

This edition also allows your employees to punch in and out using their biometric fingerprint, a key chain, a code or an access card.

The Pro edition

The Pro edition offers the following additional features, allowing you to:

  • Manage staff schedules according to your business needs;
  • Share work schedules with your employees on our Web and mobile platforms;
  • Authorize work shift exchanges between employees;
  • Manage staff availabilities online;
  • your employees to enter their hours using timesheets and to clock in using either a time clock, a tablet, or the mobile app;
  • Centralize communications through instant messaging;
  • Access a COVID-19 self-assessment questionnaire and report.

The Nethris Time Management solution allows you to optimize time management and increase organizational efficiency within your business. Choose the Time Management solution, a powerful tool to perfectly meet your needs.

To learn more about our solution, visit the Features section of our Time Management page.