Nethris is enhancing its Time Management solution

June 29th, 2021

We believe that fluid communication is key to success, especially since the start of the pandemic. It is all the more important to use effective tools to reach your goals and overcome obstacles.

The Nethris Time Management solution now boasts two new features: Professional chat and the COVID-19 symptoms self-assessment questionnaire. Simplify your life and the lives of your employees with communication made easy.

You would like to convey information more effectively with your team? The Professional chat feature allows you to centralize your communications via instant messaging. With notifications in real time, no discussions will slip through the cracks.

The COVID-19 symptoms self-assessment questionnaire allows your on-site employees to transmit their health data using a questionnaire, which is available at all times on your time clock or directly from the mobile app.

To learn more about our Time Management solution, consult our Features page.