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Discontinuation of the issuance, printing and transmission of Records of employment in paper format

August 10, 2022
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In line with the digital shift undertaken by Nethris, and to optimize the security of the sensitive data we share with our clients, we will discontinue the issuance, printing and transmission of Records of Employment (ROE) in paper format.

As of August 1, 2022, clients who still use this service will be gradually transferred to the Records of Employment Secure Automated Transfer (ROE SAT). No action on their part will be required and they will be notified when the change is made to their file.

A winning choice
The more convenient and secure digital transmission service will free you from administrative tasks associated with employee termination. We transfer the data directly to Service Canada and your employees can then retrieve their ROE 24 hours later. Simple and fast! In addition to providing you with savings of up to 64% of the cost associated with this service, digital records of employment enable us to take a more responsible approach by eliminating the use of paper.