National Payroll Week – Spotlight on payroll professionals

September 14th, 2022

The National Payroll Week is an annual event organized by the National Payroll Institute (NPI) that shines a spotlight on all professionals in the field who actively contribute to the financial wellness of working Canadians. This year, virtual events will kick off on September 15, 2022, while numerous other in-person events will take place from September 19th through September 23rd.

During this special week entirely dedicated to payroll, industry professionals will be highlighted. In today’s hyperconnected world, it is all the more important to remember the many faces that make payroll possible. With that in mind, the NPI invites you to take a look at the portraits of some payroll professionals.

Once again, Nethris is participating in the National Payroll Week, which allows us to showcase our business and above all, our experts. We are proud to sponsor this event again and invite you to meet some of our professionals in-person on September 23, 2022. In addition to taking part in the various networking activities, we will hold a draw where a lucky participant will win a beautiful suitcase in our brand colours. Hope to see you there!