Delegate the input of employee hours

Offer your employees a secure access

Online pay slips

No more printing and distributing pay slips. With the Self-Service add-on, your employees can view their pay slips at anytime from anywhere via a secure Internet link.

Online tax slips

You decide when the tax slips will be available to your employees. They will then have direct online access to them.

Employee selection

Select the employees who will be granted access to self-service, according to your needs.

Mobile app

Verify your payroll processing summaries and pay slips through our app Payroll by Nethris. Give your employees an access to their pay slips via their smartphones (iOS and Android™).


Online employee files

Each employee can view their personal information, time banks (calendar and attendance record), and work schedule. Your employees will be able to find the answers to their questions without going through human resources, reducing your HR department workload.

Communication tool
Use Nethris Internet Suite as a tool to communicate with your employees; post messages and publish documents to their attention. A fast and easy way to communicate with your employees!


Green and safety

Opt for online pay slips and tax slips available via a secure Internet link. Avoid printing and envelope insertion fees. Put an end to the distribution of payroll documents.


Choose a new way to communicate with your team

Post messages and publish documents to the attention of your employees. This is a fast and easy way to communicate.

Facilitate your HR management

Modify your employee files in just a few clicks. Give each employee access to its personal information and time banks. Free yourself from HR management!


To learn more about Self-Service solution, download the brochure.