Provide your employees with secure access to their data

Save time by allowing employees to view their personal information via computer or mobile.

Employee files

Allow your employees to access their personal information anytime, anywhere.

Access control

Update the list of employees who have access to the Self-Service solution as often as you want, according to your needs.

Attendance calendars

Your employees can access calendars which display vacation days, sick days, and days worked during the year.

Communication tool

Post messages and documents for your employees.

Say goodbye to pay slip management

No more envelope insertion and manual distribution of pay slips. Once your payroll is processed, pay slips are automatically available to employees. Save time, money, and paper.

Enjoy hassle-free tax slip distribution

No more misplaced T4 and RL-1 slips. Tax slips are available to your employees at every year-end period so you don’t have to print them anymore.

Encourage employee independence

Do your employees ask you for a colleague’s contact information or their vacation bank balance? Save everyone time by giving them access to your company directory and their time banks.

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Digital timesheets

Calculate hours worked using the timesheets that your employees fill out from their mobile or computer. All you have to do is approve them and your payroll is ready to be processed.


Post work schedules as soon as you finish them. Your employees can view them anytime, anywhere.

Shift exchanges

Allow your employees to exchange shifts with their colleagues directly via the mobile app. Eliminate the time-consuming task of managing absence requests, you now only need to approve replacements.

Mobile punch system

Are your employees rarely assigned to the same location? Record hours worked with our mobile time punch system. The geolocation feature lets you know if they’re on-site.


Having trouble managing your employees’ ever-changing availability? Allow them to update their availability anytime—no more calls or endless email exchanges.

Employee requests

Your employees can request days off, equipment loans, coverage changes, and more, directly in the app. All you have to do is accept or refuse them.

* Some features are available with the purchase of a specific complementary solution.


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