Nethris is enhancing its offer for accountants

October 1st, 2021

At Nethris, we know that accountants have their own set of needs. Our offer has been specifically tailored to propose services at the height of their expectations; new initiatives have been put in place to help accountants save time and ensure client satisfaction.

When choosing Nethris, accountants now benefit from a start-up meeting, which allows us to gather the necessary information and review the steps required to develop this new business relationship. No unpleasant surprises!

Has going through invoices one at a time become a chore? Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to view the billing details of several companies on one statement? We have the solution: A full report now makes it possible for you to see comprehensive billing details. Say goodbye to single, unmodifiable PDF invoices!

We now have support services that are tailored to accountants; a team of agents dedicated to their needs, who will gladly respond to their phone or email enquiries.

Would you like to know more? Additional information is available on Nethris’s web page A payroll services for accountants.