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More than a simple accounting software payroll module

Enjoy tried and tested payroll services that meet your every expectation.

  • Fast Configuration
  • Free Telephone Support
  • Government Remittances
  • ISO-9001 Certified
  • Easy to Use
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
  • Secure

The ideal solution for SMEs

  • A Comprehensive Solution

    Automate gross-to-net salary calculations, government remittances, cheque or direct deposit payments, and pay slip production.

  • An Affordable Solution

    Simplify payroll management and stay on-budget with our cloud-based solution. Our affordable rates vary according to your needs so you get the best price.

  • Employee Self-service

    All of your team members can access their pay slips, T4 and RL-1 slips, vacation bank, employee file, and more from their mobile device or computer.

  • Mobile App

    Get instant access to your pay slips and payroll summaries, and monitor the payroll process with real-time notifications.

  • User-defined Fields

    Customize your employee files by adding new fields such as numeric, alphanumeric, date, checkbox, and drop-down lists.

  • Telephone Payroll

    No time for payroll management? Call us and let us know your total of hours worked-that's it! A payroll expert will contact you at your convenience.

Over 15,000 satisfied customers

After 40 years at the service of Canadian SMEs, Nethris has built a solid reputation. Our tried and tested expertise inspires confidence, which is why thousands of Canadian businesses choose to work with us year after year.


Our customers enjoy a satisfaction rate of 98%. Give us a try-you won't regret it!


While Nethris is also used by big companies, 87% of our customers have 50 employees or less.

40 years

At Nethris, we've been developing our payroll management expertise for over 40 years. Our services are adapted for all types of businesses.

Viky Delisle

Viky Delisle

  • Manager - Payroll and Benefits
  • Exceldor, Cooperative

“I would recommend Nethris to anyone. Having worked with other providers, I'm in a good position to know that you are the best in Canada!”

Robert Guay

Robert Guay

  • Owner
  • Innovadent

“I chose Nethris for the wide array of services offered and the ease of the process. With you, we can be assured to receive worry-free, courteous, thorough and efficient service.”

Donna Crabe

Donna Crabe

  • Office Services Manager
  • Target Building Materials Ltd

“Nethris is a professional and efficient app. It allows us to manage all payroll-related records easily, while being completely secure. Additionally, their customer service is exceptional.”

Accessible online and on your mobile at all times

Nethris aims to make your life easier. Our online features and mobile app offer incomparable connectivity that allows you to manage your payroll from anywhere, at any time.

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