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Nethris now connects with QuickBooks Online

By Alexandra Duchaine,

In addition to its payroll services, Nethris offers SME owners various technologies to simplify time-consuming management tasks, such as bookkeeping.

Our General Ledger Interface solution provides our clients with a payroll accounting entries report, which they can import to their accounting software after each payroll processing. This tool is compatible with Sage50MD, AcombaMD, AvantageMD, DynabecMD, YardiMD and many others.

Our teams worked hard to add QuickBooksMD Online to this list. They have created an effective and user-friendly transfer interface, which is available since March 12, 2020.

Simply put, this is how it works: Our clients connect to the Nethris Internet Suite to request payroll data transfer to their QuickBooks Online account. From there, everything is automated. The amounts are distributed to their respective general ledger accounts, no import needed.

Another advantage: The changes made to the QuickBooks chart of accounts are saved simultaneously in the Nethris Internet Suite. The two solutions are synchronized!

Learn more about the General Ledger Interface.

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Nethris solidifies its partnership with Mintz Global Screening

By Alexandra Duchaine,

Did you know about Nethris’s Pre-employment Service solution, which allows Canadian employers to conduct background checks regarding judicial records, employment history, education, and credit files for the candidates they wish to hire?

These verification services are provided by Mintz Global Screening. We are offering them to our clients at preferential rates. We recently renegotiated our partnership agreement to speed up and simplify your background check requests.

By virtue of this new agreement, our clients can now benefit from:

  • A business portal allowing them to submit a background check request in a few clicks;
  • A dedicated specialist assigned to their account, who has a comprehensive knowledge of the status of their various requests;
  • A bilingual hotline from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

There are countless news reports of large organizations that fall victim to sensitive data theft by malevolent employees. That is why we encourage all entrepreneurs to remain vigilant and hire candidates with exemplary behaviour.

For more information, visit or call one of our specialists at 1-888-404-6305.

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Nethris launches a new solution to effectively manage employee requests

By Alexandra Duchaine,

Every day, we work hard to develop tools to make life easier for business owners. This is a mission we hold dear and therefore, we are proud to offer our new Employee Requests Management solution. As the name suggests, it helps business owners to meet the needs of their team members, more easily and more efficiently.

Are you the head of a company? Our solution will help you:

1-Respond to employee requests in one click

Your employees can use the Nethris Internet Suite or the Payroll by Nethris™ mobile application to submit their requests. You will be notified when a request is submitted, so you can respond quickly, wherever you are.

2-Facilitate payroll management

When you approve an absence request, it is automatically registered in the employee’s payroll transactions or timesheet. Their salary is calculated accordingly and their vacation bank is updated.

3-Manage all types of requests

Absence requests, equipment loans, or insurance plan modifications: adapt the solution to your business needs by configuring the type of requests that your employees are authorized to make.

Do you think our Employee Requests Management could be useful to you? Visit or call
1-888-404-6305 and ask one of our experts for more information.

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Welcome to the Nethris news page

By Sebastiaan Ineveld,

We have been thinking, for a while, about creating a space to share our news, success stories, and events. You do business with our company — if you are not yet a client, we hope you will be soon — but what do you know about us?

Nethris is a 100% Canadian company founded in Montréal nearly 45 years ago. Right from the start, our mission has been to develop solutions to ease the administrative burden of business people and let them focus on developing their expertise and ensure the economic growth of their business. In other words, we reduce the time spent on calculating salaries and manage your employees, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on improving your service offer.

To grasp the needs and realities of business people across the country, we like to meet with them as much as possible. To learn about our past and upcoming activities, we encourage you to check our news page frequently.

Starting today, you will know absolutely everything there is to know about Nethris.

Subscribe immediately to our RSS feed to receive the latest news.

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