Pre-employment Service

Nethris helps you select the best candidates

Make the best decision. You need to be informed of a candidate’s criminal record, credit report, and references.

Criminal record (national)

We conduct our search in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. The results confirm whether the applicant has a criminal record or a conviction for which a pardon has not been granted.

Credit report

The credit report provides an overview of the applicant’s credit history, financial history and degree of responsibility. This report provides valuable information including payment patterns, bankruptcy, litigation, and recovery procedures.

Identity verification

This verification confirms the identity of the candidate and detects potential fraud associated with their name, address, or social insurance number (SIN).


In addition to the main employment-related information such as date of employment and position held, this service also checks references on performance, punctuality, reliability, general and specialized skills, behaviour, and reasons for departure. The verification is made directly with employers in Canada or abroad.

Diplomas and certifications

This service covers all the completed education levels. Results include the date of certificate or diploma was awarded, the nature of the certificate or diploma, as well as the granting institution. They confirm that the institution is officially recognized to grant such degrees, certificates, or diplomas. The verification is made directly with institutions in Canada or abroad.

Maintain a safe work environment

Verify the criminal background of your candidates. To do this, we search in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system. Reduce your business risks, and internal fraud and theft.

Reduce your financial risks

Be aware that professional theft causes Canadian businesses to lose 5% of their annual revenue. We provide you an overview of the applicant’s credit standing and payment patterns.

Know your candidates

Confirm the identity of your candidates, their diplomas, and potential fraud associated to their personal information. Close to 22% of candidates falsify their résumé. Think about that…

Services provided in collaboration with Mintz*

Nethris has enrolled the services of Mintz, one of the most reliable pre-employment screening companies in the country, to manage pre-employement service for its Canadian clients. Mintz's information-gathering specialists are experts in the art of collecting and summarizing the information you need to make the best possible decision.


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