Pre-employment Service

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Recruiting highly qualified candidates, without a criminal record and with an honest résumé is essential, even for an SME.

Nationwide criminal record check

A search is conducted by means of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) to find out if the candidate has a criminal record or conviction that has not been pardoned. Mintz Global Screening will quickly provide you with results via its secure, user-friendly portal.

Education verification

The verification covers all completed levels of education and is conducted directly with educational institutions in Canada or abroad. A detailed electronic report provides you with the academic results and the dates on which diplomas were conferred.

Employment history verification

The Mintz Global Screening team contacts your candidates' past employers to confirm the veracity of the professional work experience indicated on their résumé. The information gathered is guaranteed to be objective and accurate.

Credit check

A credit check provides an overview of your candidate's solvency and financial history. Your report will include, where applicable, valuable information such as payment habits, bankruptcies, litigations, and collection procedures.

Online Requests

In just a few clicks, you can request a verification of criminal record, work experience, education, or credit history for your candidates, by simply logging into your enterprise portal.

Dedicated expert

A member of Mintz Global Screening is assigned to your account. This expert will have a comprehensive knowledge of your different verification requests and will therefore be able to answer any questions you may have. A bilingual help line is available Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST).

Check the judicial record

37% of harmful corporate frauds are orchestrated by their own employees. Protect your assets and your personnel by obtaining confirmation that your applicants have a clean record. Reduce the risk of violence and theft of material and confidential data.

Verify résumé accuracy

22% of applicants indicate false information on their résumé. Make sure your candidates are qualified to perform the tasks that will be assigned to them by verifying their education and work experience.

Perform a credit check

11.5% of candidates have financial issues that might generate stress and reduce their productivity. Obtain information on their credit ratings, loans and outstanding debts, so as to surround yourself with an efficient workforce.

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