Human Resources Pro

Nethris helps you manage your HR activities

Easily manage the performance evaluations, disciplinary measures, trainings, pay scales and much more!

Performance reviews

This feature manages the information needed for performance reviews. You can define performance objectives, attach documents, and write comments based on evaluations.

Candidate searches

Specify your employees’ education, work experience and skills. When a new position opens up, search for candidates that meet the requirements.

Events and disciplinary measures

Consolidate all documentation related to events and disciplinary measures to facilitate your follow-ups.

Salary scales

Manage salary scales by defining levels or minimums and maximums. Produce a report to help you make the necessary adjustments according to the hiring date.

Work-related injuries

Easily gather data on workplace accidents. You can record absence periods, lesions, material losses and many other details.


Create training activities, plan sessions, manage participant registration and record expenses.

User-defined fields

Customize your employee files by adding new fields such as numeric, alphanumeric, dates, notes, checkbox and drop-down lists.

File attachments

Attach all the documents that you need to employee files.

Position evaluations

This function allows you to evaluate and compare similar positions by attributing points to each. By doing so, you can establish fairer remuneration for your staff.

Customized tasks

Identify tasks associated with HR management and program email alerts to remind you to do them.

Centralize your HR activities

Find all the information pertaining to your company human resources in one place. Attach any necessary documents. Search for potential candidates, find training plan, and more in one click.

Customize your solution

Since each small business is unique, simplify your work by customizing the Human Resources Solution according to your needs. Every SME is different, so take advantage of our flexibility and equip yourself with an effective customized tool.

Manage your employees' requests

Authorize your employees to submit requests from their computer or mobile phone. Get an email upon receiving their requests. Delegate approvals to members of your team.


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