Human Resources Pro

Nethris helps you manage your HR activities

Easily manage the performance evaluations, disciplinary measures, trainings, pay scales and much more!

Performance evaluations

This feature manages the information needed for performance reviews. You can define performance objectives, attach documents, and write comments based on evaluations.

Work-related injuries

Easily gather data on workplace accidents. Certain fields can be customized to your needs, and documents can be attached.

User-defined fields

With this feature, you can customize your employee files by adding new fields such as numeric, alphanumeric, date, checkbox, and drop-down lists.

Education and professional experience

With these two features, you can centralize and index all of the details of your employee education and previous work experience information.

Complaints and disciplinary measures

These functions enable you to centralize the information and follow up on complaints and disciplinary measures. All fields required to manage events are included here.

Employee requests management

Managers can handle employee requests directly themselves while HR remains owner of the data.


This feature helps you manage your company training expenses. You can create training activities, plan sessions, manage participant registration, and record expenses.

Salary scales

This feature helps you manage salary scales. It provides two types of scales: the step-base type or the "minimum/maximum" type. It produces a report to help you make the necessary adjustments according to the hiring date.

Position evaluation

This function lets you evaluate and compare similar positions by attributing points to each. By doing so, you can establish fairer remuneration for everyone.

Customize your searches

Because each small business is unique, simplify your work by customizing the Human Resources add-on according to your needs!

Centralize your HR activities

Find all information pertaining to your company human resources in one place. In just a few clicks, find performance evaluations, training sessions, and pay scales. Your dream has become a reality.

Attach a documents to a file

Facilitate your decision-making by searching for all your employees’ files in a single place. Analyze the relevant HR scenarios and maximize your productivity!


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