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Our mission: Supporting entrepreneurs

We survey leaders, researchers and business experts, as well as our own specialists, in order to offer you clear explanations, practical knowledge and advice that will help you establish strategies to guarantee your SME’s success. We are also reaching out to business owners with the same concerns as you, whose testimonies will inspire you with innovative and highly effective solutions.

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Our platform’s story

The idea to create for my business emerged in March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was severely testing Canadian SMEs. To protect their personnel, clients and partners while trying to survive financially, they had to rethink their business relations and managerial habits and for some, to the extent of reinventing their products and services.

More than ever before, business owners were confronted with challenges, doubts, questions, and we were looking for a way to make a difference, to offer support in a time when redefining themselves became essential. This is how for my business came to be, a blog full of informative tips that will be useful to them well beyond the crisis.

Who are we?

Nethris is a Canadian organization that has been offering cloud solutions for SMEs across the country for over 45 years. Our all-in-one Web and mobile applications simplify the management of employees, remuneration, hours worked, and benefits. Over 20,000 users trust our secure, affordable and user-friendly services.

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