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A redesigned and streamlined vertical menu

The menu at the top of the screen is now a thing of the past! To enhance your browsing experience, we replaced the classic cascading menu with a simplified side menu located on the left side of your screen. The addition of icons will allow you to quickly view the various sections that are useful to you.

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Smoother navigation with tabs

Integrated as separators in your employees' file, the new tabs allow you to switch, for example, from Personal information to Employment and compensation in one click, while remaining in the same screen! This will give you a clearer overview of an employee's file, allowing you to browse through it more quickly. Similarly, tabs have been introduced in the Pay and adjustments screen.

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Payroll validation and processing

The “pre-processing” action, previously located in the Payroll processing function, is now in a specific function called Preview payroll. In this new and separate section, you will be able to generate complete and partial previews before proceeding to the processing itself with the Payroll processing function. It is all designed to make your life easier!

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Employee files are now separate from the HR menu

Employee files that were previously located in the HR section are now separate! Under its own specific icon, all of your employee information will be at hand in a few clicks. For Human Resources PRO solution users, the functions are now separate, each under their respective icon.

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All configuration options in one place

We gathered all the Configuration functions of your settings in a separate section. Whether it is for managing positions or configuring your payroll schedules, everything is in one place. You no longer need to access the different pages of the solution to modify them. Practical no?

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A one-stop-shop for communication functions

We set out to consolidate and improve the accessibility of the functions for communicating with your staff that were spread out in various places in the Nethris Internet Suite. To achieve this, we created a brand new one-stop-shop Communication section.

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