Optimize management of work hours and employee scheduling

Save $100 on the implementation fees for the Time Management solution*.

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Nethris makes your job easier

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No more time lost calculating and entering the hours worked. Our technologies do the computing for you and your employees are paid on schedule.

Thanks to our user-friendly smart calendar, employee scheduling headaches are a thing of the past.

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An efficient Tool

  • Opt for digital timesheets

    Allow your employees to enter their work hours on timesheets they can easily access on our web and mobile applications. One click is needed to validate; payroll is then processed automatically.

  • Implement an effective punch system

    Allow your employees to punch on a time clock on site, or on their mobile phone when travelling. You can verify workplace presence thanks to geolocation.

  • Create work schedules easily and quickly

    Save time by viewing at a glance, in a digital calendar, your workforce requirements and the position, skills, seniority and availability of your staff for each shift of the week.

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Key Features

  • Availability

    On our web and mobile applications, allow your staff members to update their availability. Put an end to the multiple phone calls and emails to track the changes.

  • Schedules

    Configure an automatic cellular notification when employee schedules are ready. Being able to view them rapidly, on their smart phone, increases satisfaction.

  • Work shifts

    Authorize your employees to exchange work shifts directly on their mobile app. No more time spent managing absence requests; simply approve the replacements.

  • Hour types

    Based on your needs and projects, configure the hour types (vacation, illness, training, etc.) that your employees will use to fill out their digital timesheets.

  • Management rules

    Set management rules for overtime, premiums, and time tracking that are applied automatically to wage calculations. Customize the rules for each employee category.

  • Time clocks

    Biometric fingerprint, key ring, code, access card, picture: whichever one you choose from the punch options offered on our devices, your confidential employee data is secure.

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Exclusive offer for our clients

Until January 31, 2021, save up to $100
on implementation fees for the
Nethris Time Management solution.*

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