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Thanks to the Time Management solution, you can easily manage your employee worked hours.

Until January 31, 2020, save up to $100 on implementation fees.*

Nethris Punch Clock

Nethris simplifies your management tasks

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No more time wasted calculating and entering worked hours. Our technologies do it for you, and when the time comes, your employees get paid.

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An Effective Tool

Our features meet your company needs.

  • Choose digital timesheets

    Allow your employees to enter their worked hours on timesheets available on their computer or cell phone. With one click, you can validate the sheets online to automatically process the payroll.

  • Implement a punch system

    Allow your employees to punch on a time clock installed in your business or on their mobile device; its geolocation function allows you to confirm workplace presence.

  • Simplify payroll processing

    At your signal, payroll is automatically generated from the data recorded by our Time Management solution. This frees you from tiresome calculations of wages and government remittances.

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Key Features

  • Time Clocks

    With our devices, your employees punch in and out using their biometric fingerprint, a key ring, a code or an access card.

  • Management Rules

    Define rules for managing overtime, bonuses and time tracking that automatically apply to wage calculations. These rules may vary according to each category of employees.

  • Hour Types

    Create various categories of hours (vacation, sick leave, training, etc.) according to your needs or your projects. Your employees indicate on their timesheets the number of hours they made for each type.

  • Timesheet Approval

    Running out of time to ensure careful monitoring of worked hours? Delegate the approval of timesheets produced by your employees or generated by a punch to your managers.

  • Absence Requests

    Let your employees submit their absence requests via their mobile device or the Self-Service access. The ones you approve are automatically saved in their timesheets.

  • History

    All timesheets completed by your employees or automatically generated by our punch tools are kept for an indefinite period. If needed, you may view the hours entered in previous weeks.

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Exclusive offer for our clients

Until January 31, 2020, save up to $100
on implementation fees for the
Nethris Time Management solution.*

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