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Thanks to the Group Insurance Solution, tedious premium calculations are a thing of the past.

Until March 31, 2019, save up to $100 on implementation fees.*

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Nethris simplifies your group insurance management

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Thanks to our solution, you can automate the calculation of insurance premiums. All you have to do is modify the coverage in the employee files so that the correct amounts are automatically deducted from their pay. Save time and avoid manual errors.

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An Effective Tool

How does the Nethris Group Insurance Solution help you?

  • View and modify coverage

    Easily modify group insurance coverage in employee file.

  • Automated premium calculations

    Save time by eliminating manual modifications and calculation errors.

  • Quickly address employee concerns

    Easily refer to insurance details and premiums to be paid.

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Key Features

  • Automated calculation

    We calculate contributions for you according to your employees’ salaries and coverages. Save time and money, and avoid manual errors.

  • Policy details

    View all your policy information in a single location. This makes it easier to address employee requests.

  • Insurance plan changes

    Change your employees’ coverages easily with a clear and intuitive interface. Contributions to be paid are calculated according to the changes.

  • Payroll stubs

    Make the life of your employees easier by providing details of their coverages on their payroll stubs.

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Exclusive offer for our clients

Until March 31, 2019, save up to $100
on implementation fees for the
Nethris Group Insurance Solution*

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