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Thanks to Nethris®, no more errors due to manual general ledger transcription

Until August 31, 2018,
save up to $100 on implementation fees*


The General Ledger Interface generates your payroll accounting entries

Starting at $5
per pay period*

Your accounting entries for payable wages are generated and assigned automatically to the appropriate accounts, ready to be exported to your accounting software.

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An Effective Tool

General Ledger Interface simplifies your work

  • Save time

    Electronically transfer your payroll accounting entries to your accounting software. Eliminate manual transcription.

  • Easy set-up

    Configure and import your accounting plan as well as a breakdown of your accounting entries in one step.

  • Avoid errors

    Promptly view an accounting entries report resulting from your payroll processing.

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Key Features

  • Breakdown and transfer

    Your accounting entries for wages to be paid are generated automatically and allocated to the appropriate accounts, ready to be transferred to your accounting software.

  • Data import

    Save even more time by importing your chart of accounts as well as your breakdown of accounting entries (regular, accruals, etc.).

  • Cost allocation report

    Make manual changes to your general ledger if needed by promptly viewing the summary or detailed cost allocation report resulting from your payroll processing.

  • Exportation

    Transfer your accounting entries to various accounting software programs, such as : Acomba, Avantage, Dynabec, NetSuite, Quasimodo, Sage, SERTI, Yardi.

  • Modification

    The breakdown settings can be modified at all times in accordance with the changes made to your general ledger.

Ask for a free demonstration

Ask for a free demonstration

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